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THEVOZ Attorneys: US tax law firm for international company taxation and tax planning

THEVOZ Attorneys PLLC in Austin, Texas and New York, is a tax law firm with an international orientation. The US contingent of THEVOZ Attorneys is focused on expanding clients’ opportunities in international markets around the world. International tax law firms assist clients maintain compliance in tax jurisdictions in which the client has business interests. THEVOZ Attorneys will help explore global business opportunities to help our clients find the best environments for long-term profitability.

THEVOZ Attorneys LLC., founded by Olivier Thevoz in 2014, also has offices in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland which focus primarily on international tax law. This is useful to many of our American clients with corporate and banking relationships in Switzerland – any European and/or Swiss issue can often be handled by our attorneys in Lausanne or Geneva. Additionally, our attorneys practicing in Switzerland have up-to-the-minute knowledge of changes in Swiss and European tax law and rules, including rule changes to tax treaties.

THEVOZ Attorneys Switzerland has several additional capabilities: banking law, commercial law, immigration law, labor law and inheritance law, all handled with the same professionalism and discretion that THEVOZ Attorneys is known for on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

We built our practice on customer service, emphasizing three principles: accessibility, team-oriented service and boldness.

Accessibility: We respond to client communications quickly and thoroughly, because we realize our clients’ time is at least as valuable as ours. If you have an important question or issue, we ask the right questions and our next communications supplies the answer or a plan to fix the issue.

Team-oriented service: International company taxation and tax planning is an interesting practice area because it often involves trade-offs and deliberation by clients, their representatives and the tax authorities. Many important issues do not conform precisely to precedent and, therefore, require exploration by all stakeholders. Because we have attorneys who work in different countries and have experience with multiple tax jurisdictions, we often discuss our client’s best options given our experience. We find this is the best way to get clients an optimal outcome.

Boldness: This is not an attribute often associated with tax lawyers, but it is important to understand what we mean by being bold. We examine every issue contained in a client’s tax return with an analytical eye. Specific tax deductions, tax treatments and other critical features of tax law involve a degree of interpretation, and we want to make sure we are reviewing all the options to minimize our clients’ tax liability. If there is a logical argument for a more favorable interpretation, we will make that argument.

The transatlantic profile of THEVOZ Attorneys and broad knowledge of multiple tax jurisdictions in the US, Europe and globally makes us a strategic asset for your business.


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