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Two countries, one law firm with global vision and purpose.

THEVOZ Attorneys, with offices in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland and Austin, Texas, USA, truly is an international tax law firm. Our attorneys are primarily focused on international tax issues and they work with clients engaged in global business ventures around the world.

Switzerland has long been an international banking center. It is known for steady, conservative bent that befits a banking capital, and the prestigious Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies is one of the best places in Europe to study international relations. And Switzerland is, in fact, the international center of watchmaking, with a dozen prestigious brands headquartered here, like Rolex and Patek Philippe. The Large Hadron Supercollider is in Geneva and the International Olympic Committee is in Lausanne. Switzerland has long been a country deeply committed to neutrality and the rights of the individual.

Austin is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, a boomtown with a robust technology industry, a world-class research university and a music, art and movie scene that are the envy of cities several times its size. It is deeply invested in “keeping it weird.” Spend the night in Austin and you can hear some of the greatest musicians in the world; singer-songwriters, country legends like the sainted Willie Nelson, blues pickers you just can’t believe, to-the-wall rockers playing for half the door. Drive 40 miles outside Austin and you will be in deep country, beautiful and quiet and a world away from everything, it seems.

So why would a Swiss law firm uproot its founding partner to start an office in Austin? Is there some kind of unforeseen leverage there? Is there something about international tax policy that might gain from a Swiss-Texas perspective?

Well, there kind of is. It has to do with those rights of the individual that are so important in both Switzerland and Texas. Both places understand that true freedom is best achieved in an atmosphere of respect for privacy and respect for the law. Both places value innovation and creativity. Both places have a deep tradition of going out and getting it for yourself, without anyone else’s help or hindrance. Both places respect the differences.

THEVOZ Attorneys in Austin is primarily focused on tax law. The THEVOZ offices in Switzerland have a more diverse practice, with specialties in business, banking, tax, inheritance, and immigration, in addition to tax law.

Global business has been expanding rapidly into new markets, new distribution channels and new approaches to financing and tax enforcement. This is an era of disruption, of questioning assumptions. Staying on top of trends in international tax law requires a global perspective, and that means expanding horizons and ambition. Having offices in Switzerland and Austin makes sense in a business environment that is changing as fast as ours is changing. These days, nothing sits still, not even the law.

Because each client is different, THEVOZ Attorneys offers a personalized service tailored to the situation and issues specific to each individual case. We believe in innovation, interaction and freedom. It fosters professionalism, an entrepreneurial mindset, and team spirit.

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