International Tax Law Attorneys

International Tax Law Attorneys

Navigating through complex international tax laws is more than likely the least entertaining aspect of running a business on the verge of expansion, but it is a necessity if you want it to become a successful endeavor.

With an expansive knowledge of international tax law and a comprehensive approach to country-specific legal systems, the international tax lawyers of THEVOZ Attorneys assist international clients with cross-border connections to the United States and Europe in handling their tax obligations.

Individuals and businesses with income from many sources around the world can depend on our lawyers to obtain quality tax-related services. Our firm works to minimize risks and simplify legal tax matters for our clients who take part in monetary exchanges on an international level.

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International Tax Law

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About International Taxation

Our international tax lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in the rules and procedures pertaining to global tax laws. We are well-equipped to assist clients with:

  • Enrolling in the Voluntary Disclosure Program
  • Applying for The Foreign Tax Credit
  • Maximizing business finances through International Tax Planning

To do this, our international tax attorneys employ the use of four strategies designed to retrieve accurate information in an effort to avoid any legal troubles with the IRS.

Voluntary Disclosure Program

The IRS initiated voluntary disclosure programs so that law-abiding citizens could enroll to get back into the reporting system and avoid legal penalties. Compliance with this system helps the IRS distinguish between law-abiding citizens and individuals engaging in illegal activities within foreign countries.Even if you are not committing tax crimes, failure to file—or filing through false statements—is technically considered criminal. Knowledgeable international tax attorneys can best assist you in filing accurate and correct information to avoid any legal complications.

The Foreign Tax Credit

All U.S. citizens, resident aliens, and individuals who comply with the substantial presence test must report any sources of income, including money which is earned in another part of the world. Any monies earned through international interaction must be reported to the IRS if you are a citizen or permitted resident of the United States. These earnings will be taxed by the IRS, but you can avoid ‘double taxation’ by the foreign country and the U.S. if you apply for the Foreign Tax Credit. As per the foreign tax credit equation, you owe the IRS the difference between the U.S. tax rate on your income minus the amount you paid for foreign tax rates placed on your income. Our international tax attorneys have years of experience in helping clients sort out the Foreign Tax Credit equation and assist clients in arranging their payment to the IRS without hassle.

International Tax Law Services THEVOZ Attorneys Provides

THEVOZ Attorneys has built a reputation of success through our effective global tax services. We assist clients in resolving any complications that arise or simply clear up confusion surrounding the matter of international operations.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of international tax planning and have the necessary diverse cross-border experience to handle your global tax inquiries with great efficiency. We are a highly accessible law group that has offices and conference rooms located throughout Europe and the U.S. for your convenience.

Our law firm takes out the guesswork and worry away from entities around the world regarding their tax service needs, such as:

When you choose the skilled international tax attorneys of THEVOZ Attorneys, you can expect assistance in a number of ways, including:

  • Providing extensive knowledge and experience in handling country-specific tax laws and regulations.
  • Utilizing the Foreign Tax Credit and International Tax Treaties to reduce tax costs on international activities.
  • Capitalizing on foreign tax laws for tax deferral opportunities.
  • Defending tax reporting positions when compliance issues related to tax audits arise.
  • Cross-border planning to maximize international business finances in providing legal support, structural counseling, and financial negotiation.
  • Developing solutions to any tax-related issue that can arise for clients with global operations.

Why You Need an International Tax Lawyer

Both individuals and businesses may need some clarifications on tax reporting, IRS auditing practice, country-specific tax laws and regulations, and so forth. To avoid complicated and possibly disastrous legal penalties from occurring, it is best to consult with a veteran global tax advisory lawyer for guidance and solutions over international tax matters.

At THEVOZ Attorneys, our international tax attorneys have the ability to help you report your foreign earnings through the FBAR. Our lawyers can also reduce the amount of taxes you owe by eliminating ‘double taxation’ by the U.S. and a foreign country.

Foreign financial exchanges can get complicated rather quickly with all of the country-specific legislation and regulations related to their local jurisdictions. With legal support and tax filing guidance, you will experience less hassle in tax preparation and related financial matters.

Contact THEVOZ Attorneys at +1 (512) 696 1467 to speak with our best international tax lawyer regarding your specific tax circumstances today.

Client Reviews

Both you and Oliver did a great job in validating the information I gave you which made me feel good knowing I was on the right path. Your write up was also good to give to my CPA to look into for what foreign tax dollars I paid were valid to convert to US taxRead MoreDoug Richardson

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