European Union Tax Law Attorneys

European Union Tax Law Attorneys

For self-employed individuals and corporations interested in expanding their operations outside of the United States and into the European Union (EU) or vice versa, questions can quickly manifest regarding tax policy.

Not only can a consultation with a European Union tax lawyer answer these questions, it can also help to minimize your tax burdens. The EU tax attorneys of THEVOZ Attorneys help clients get more familiar with their legal responsibilities as taxpayers and respond to changes in financial patterns and even tax policy that has the potential to change.

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European Union Tax Law

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Regarding European Tax Law

The EU oversees implementation of national tax rules—particularly in business and consumer policy—to ensure fair trade in the single market. This includes the free flow of goods, services, and capital among each member state.

Although the EU does not have a direct say in how each member state collects or sets their tax rates, they want to make sure that taxes promote the internal market and economic growth within.

This involves implementing structures which do not discriminate against consumers and influence a greater comparability of financial exchanges between states, all while maintaining the free establishment of their own financial management.

The primary goal of EU tax law is to foster a fair, efficient, growth-friendly structure. Rather than impose a need for broad harmonization on tax systems collectively in the member states, each region can implement tax structures as they deem effective.

This free will of tax policy is permitted within the EU policy objectives towards a sustainable and flourishing single market. European Tax Law aims to implement a more coordinated and developed tax policy.

Rather than discouraging taxpayers from seeking to benefit from the internal market, Europe’s policy aims to address serious tax issues and tackles cross-border situations including:

  • Discrimination
  • Double taxation
  • Difficulty receiving tax refunds
  • Confusion regarding foreign tax rates

The European tax lawyers of THEVOZ Attorneys address these serious tax issues by devising innovative international tax plans meant to reduce tax exposure, allowing individuals and companies to keep more of their finances.

Types of EU Tax Law Cases We Handle

With our offices located in Switzerland, our attorneys often deal with German, French, Italian, and other EU laws. We are experienced in advising clients in successfully setting up operation in the EU. Consult us on your business expansion into Europe.

THEVOZ Attorneys consult on:

How the European Tax Lawyers of THEVOZ Attorneys Can Help

Communication is a top priority used to address the concerns of individuals and corporations interested in the operation of a business in the national market. The EU’s strive to reduce tax obstacles extends to cross-border economic interactions.

By restructuring cross-border interactions between the member states, policy on taxation serves to strengthen the single market. Allowing individuals and corporations to benefit from tax laws with a business-friendly approach helps to alleviate tax evasion and avoidance.

European tax attorneys like the ones at THEVOZ Attorneys can best help clients understand the laws of their European member state and regulations of the single market as a collective.

The recent tax reform proposal of the EU created much more considerate tax laws. Countries in the EU can see the following sectors experiencing some influence on their business, tax duties, and overall flow of economic activity:

  • Strong bank secrecy laws
  • Government unity and reform
  • A workforce that is skilled and educated

Our law firm is aware of the changes in business and tax policy amongst member states of the European Union. We recognize that each member state has its own taxation system set up to their specific need and preference, and we can help you understand its intricacies.

Although the European Union works collectively towards a fair, efficient, growth-friendly collaboration, there are tax laws and regulations specific to each nation. Therefore, the way that you structure and manage your business, finances, and file taxes may benefit more in some fashion than others.

Ultimately, taxpayers may benefit most from being aware of tax obligations and changing policy in the European Union. Through proper structuring of investments in an ever-changing economy, one would feel at ease with the help of an experienced European tax attorney at their side.

For assistance in the following financial sectors, consult the knowledgeable tax attorneys of THEVOZ Attorneys:

  • Corporate taxation
  • Business law
  • Foreign tax credits
  • International income tax treaties

To assist in the structuring of investments, mergers, acquisitions and for general guidance pertaining to European Union tax law, the THEVOZ Attorneys have spent years cultivating knowledge and experience in these topics.

About THEVOZ Attorneys

With tax consulting and legal services in the United States and in Europe, THEVOZ Attorneys is confident in offering specialized and expert advice in international, cross-border, and European tax law.

Our firm represents clients before courts, in front of European tax authorities, in negotiation in legal disputes, and by submitting your tax rulings. With our help through our intimate knowledge of financial structuring, individuals and companies can adapt to any changes in financial matters and meet tax obligations confidently.

Given the recent reforms to the European Union’s tax policy, and with respect to possible changes in the future, our team is diligent in the pursuit of making adjustments to legal tax obligations that impact clients engaged in economic activities within Europe, America, and other countries across the globe.

Our extensive and experienced network of tax attorneys can offer their vast knowledge on a myriad of corporate elements. Our aim is to help clients maximize their finances while minimizing any economic burdens that can surface.

The interactions between financial structures and taxation schemes of different economies across the globe can be complex, but this should not put an undue limit on your economic potential.

For support in corporate structuring, deep insight to a country’s economic and tax policy, and assistance in resolving any financial problems, a European tax attorney from THEVOZ Attorneys can offer experienced legal guidance, allowing you to enhance your finances while minimizing risks.

Are you expanding your business into the European Union? Do you need help learning and adhering to the tax laws there to avoid discrepancies? Contact the European tax lawyers of THEVOZ Attorneys at +1 (512) 696 1467 to begin the learning process today.

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