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Navigating international tax law and planning can be a difficult endeavor to endure for businesses expanding their operations overseas or for entrepreneurs that live both in the United States and other countries.

As international context continues to evolve, it is necessary to hire a tax attorney to handle all of your international tax planning. Establishing these kinds of systems is a complicated process, and having an experienced international tax lawyer take care of all of your international tax law needs grants you much needed peace of mind that can otherwise be focused on other aspects.

The international tax lawyers of THEVOZ Attorneys have made a name for themselves all throughout Europe and the U.S. by sorting out all of these complexities with simple systems meant to ease clients’ concerns about the ever-changing nature of international tax law.

Are you looking to expand your business overseas and need an experienced international tax lawyer to help you through the basics? Are you a dual resident looking for a tax plan to pay what you owe to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? Contact THEVOZ Attorneys and +1 (512) 696 1467 to get started today.

About International Tax Planning

For Businesses:

To survive within the international market is to understand the markets themselves, the risks, and the goals of an ever-changing tax system. To do so, a business that is going international must draft a solid tax plan, which is much easier to say than to actually do.

Your international tax plan needs to be able to track the shifts within international tax law that:

  1. Efficiently anticipates your tax and cash needs
  2. Takes advantage tax deferral opportunities
  3. Takes advantage of foreign tax credit possibilities
  4. Avoids double taxation
  5. Efficiently controls your overall tax exposure

The last number in this list is important because reducing your overall tax exposure—in the long run—reduces your overall tax burden, meaning you keep more capital for your business. Many experienced international tax lawyers develop these strategies to manage effective global tax rates by locating important business functions, assets, and risks within jurisdictions that are taxpayer-friendly.

A talented international tax lawyer can also help your business create a three-pronged international tax structure that:

  1. Offers your business flexibility to adjust to constant international tax law changes
  2. Is predictable so that these changes aren’t damaging to your business
  3. Is sustainable so that your business can run effectively

With the help of innovative technology geared at managing a business’ global tax profile and local experience from all the jurisdictions that you operate in, an international tax lawyer helps you avoid all of the scrutiny that comes with tax planning strategies.

For Individuals:

Individuals that actively carry a green card and are residents of another country also experience a lot of complexity and confusion regarding their tax responsibilities, but at THEVOZ Attorneys, we can simplify this process by answering any questions they may have for:

  1. Residency
  2. Taxation of capital gains
  3. Holding assets
  4. Creating structures (e.g. trusts or foundations)
  5. Inheritance

Then, in accordance to their needs, our international tax lawyers can tailor a specific service for them that addresses these concerns.

International Tax Planning, the THEVOZ Attorneys Way

For Businesses:

The global economy is a sink-or-swim institution, and if you aren’t adapting to the planning and compliance challenges that it demands, you are doing yourself a disservice. These challenges must be tackled head-on, and THEVOZ Attorneys helps you do just that.

Our international tax attorneys throughout the United States and Europe offer a fresh global perspective to assist our clients experiencing a wide variety of issues and concerns such as:

  • Global Tax Minimization Planning
  • International Business Planning and Advice
  • Inbound and Outbound Structure Planning
  • Foreign Tax Credits
  • Transfer Pricing Analysis
  • Global Employer Services for Expatriates
  • IFRS and GAAP Convergence
  • ASC 740 (FAS 109 and FIN 48)

Choosing THEVOZ Attorneys is choosing an international tax law firm that exceeds in building successful cross-border strategies that help your company and its stakeholders.

For Individuals:

Individuals that need guidance in certain aspects of international tax law need only go to THEVOZ Attorneys for assistance in:

  • Representing individuals on foreign bank and financial account filings
  • Reporting foreign investment income
  • Advising foreign executives that reside and work within the U.S. of tax responsibilities
  • Addressing any expatriation concerns with individuals
  • Representing clients in front of the IRS regarding intercompany pricing issues

While this list is large, it is by no means extensive. If you need assistance with your particular dilemma, our experienced international law attorneys can tailor a specific plan for you.

About THEVOZ Attorneys

THEVOZ Attorneys takes away the worries of international tax planning experienced among dual residents and businesses that wish to expand operations to other countries with personalized services designed to your specific business’ goals.

With our offices stemming from Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland, and planting firmly over in Austin, Texas, we are available worldwide. Couple this with all of our conference rooms strewn across London, Paris, and Luxembourg to better connect with our international tax lawyers like:

  • Olivier Thévoz – Founding Partner and Attorney-At-Law
  • Danilo Delgado – Manager and Attorney-At-Law
  • Sylvain M. Bogensberger – Partner and Attorney-At-Law
  • Laure Baumann – Attorney-At-Law
  • Anna D. Vladau – Attorney-At-Law
  • Séverine Roubaty – Attorney-At-Law
  • Madhanga Wickramasinghe – Attorney-At-Law

Our accessibility is something in which we are known for, made possible by these men and women who came together to help businesses flourish and people’s dreams to come true.
Contact THEVOZ Attorneys for the best in international tax planning with our experienced international law attorneys today at +1 (512) 696 1467.

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Both you and Oliver did a great job in validating the information I gave you which made me feel good knowing I was on the right path. Your write up was also good to give to my CPA to look into for what foreign tax dollars I paid were valid to convert to US taxRead MoreDoug Richardson

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