IRS Reminds Taxpayers with Tax Debt over $52,000 to Resolve Their Debt to Avoid Revocation of U.S. Passports

IRS Reminds Taxpayers with Tax Debt over $52,000 to Resolve Their Debt to Avoid Revocation of U.S. Passports

In the Issue IR-2019-141, the IRS indicated that they are required to notify the State Department on taxpayers with more than $52,000 in tax debt which could lead to denial or revocation of the taxpayer’s passport.

Under the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, the IRS notifies the State Department of taxpayers with seriously delinquent tax debt. Any amount above $52,000 is treated as seriously delinquent tax debt. The FAST Act authorized the State Department to reject such taxpayer’s passport application or renewal application. The law can limit a taxpayer’s ability to travel outside the United States by revoking the passport.

A taxpayer should receive the Notice CP508C when the IRS certifies or notifies a taxpayer to the State Department.

There are different paths to resolve tax issues. The taxpayer can enter various programs that can bring relief for unpaid taxes. These options can reverse the adverse actions taken by the State Department which could hinder the taxpayer’s ability to travel or conduct business around the world.


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