Onboarding new clients

How THEVOZ Attorneys works to resolve your tax case

After finding out about THEVOZ Attorneys from a friend or reading through our website, potential clients will contact THEVOZ Attorneys about a legal need they think we can help them with, whether it is regarding international tax planning or some other issue requiring the services of an international tax lawyer. We send a Client Information Form and, once the completed form is returned, one of our attorneys schedule a conference call with the potential client.

The conference call is our first opportunity to collect information. The prospective client discusses the legal issue involved and our attorneys ask questions about the specifics and what kind of resolution the prospective client would like to see. We do not charge for the conference call and we do not give legal advice in this first session. At the end of the conference call, the prospective client and THEVOZ Attorneys determine whether we should move forward together.

THEVOZ Attorneys discusses how we can help the client, researching into the relevant legal issues if necessary. We always want to be certain whether we can resolve the issue according to the prospective client’s wishes before we take on a case.

The Engagement Letter: important information about your legal case.

The next step is to send an Engagement Letter. The Engagement Letter is an inclusive document that lays out all the important information about the proposed engagement. The Engagement Letter is specific and unique to the legal service requested by the proposed client in the conference call and is similar to any law firm’s arrangement, not just that of an international tax lawyer. It outlines all the expectations for the client and the law firm, including the scope of the engagement, the fee structure, other costs and expenses, billing arrangements and any retainer that may be involved. Structural issues, such as the procedure for Attorney withdrawal from the case, procedures for retention of files, rules regarding attorney conflicts of interest, confidentiality and procedures for the client’s termination of the engagement are also included in the Engagement Letter, as is the arbitration requirement if there is disagreement about representation.

One important requirement included in the Letter is the requirement that the client cooperate with THEVOZ Attorneys by providing all information known or available that is relevant to the firm’s representation. The client also must agree to notify THEVOZ Attorneys promptly about any change of address or contact information or any other material information that relates to the client’s case.

We always encourage the prospective client to review the Engagement Letter carefully, seek any advice or counsel needed to understand the process and the commitment, and then, if everything is satisfactory, to sign and return the Letter to THEVOZ Attorneys so that we can begin our representation and move our client’s case towards resolution.

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