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THEVOZ Attorneys international tax planning law firm can do more than keep you in compliance with the tax authorities in all the countries in which your company has a business presence. THEVOZ can become a strategic partner that helps your company take maximum advantage of all the international business opportunities available to your company.

THEVOZ Attorneys, with offices in Austin, Geneva and Lausanne, partners with you to develop optimal solutions to global business tax planning issues. THEVOZ Attorney’s experience with companies in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere around the globe means we know global business tax planning that is compliant and optimized for your business. Some of our compliance and business development services include:

Tax compliance

THEVOZ Attorneys keeps clients compliant with tax laws and reporting requirements in the countries in which you do business, including FATCA compliance and AEOI CRS.

Advocacy and representation in Tax Court

If you or your company is issued a statutory notice of deficiency by the IRS, THEVOZ Attorneys will represent you or your company in Tax Court.

Individual tax compliance

THEVOZ Attorneys will help you become compliant if you did not file taxes, even if the IRS finds the noncompliance was willful. We can help you get into a voluntary disclosure program to work through any tax deficiency alleged by the IRS.

Transfer pricing services

THEVOZ Attorneys will work with your internal accounting department to establish a supportable pricing structure for all internally transferred goods.

Setting up a new venture in another country

Setting up a new venture in another country involves a complex decision process to determine where it is best to locate the startup, how to treat investment and dividends, and how to take maximum advantage of tax rules in partners’ countries of residence.

Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions

Buyers or sellers can benefit from having an international tax attorney on the team, particularly if the target company is in a foreign country.

Double taxation resolution

New dispute resolution frameworks available to companies faced with double taxation are promising, but a knowledgeable international tax attorney is required for a successful process.

Reorganization of a group for tax optimization

We review tax performance of a group to optimize tax liability.

Inheritance, estate and gift taxes

We can help with estate and succession planning. US lifetime estate and gift tax exclusion limits doubled, but it is important to plan for the future.

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