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The law firm THEVOZ Attorneys is a firm with offices in Lausanne, Geneva, and in the United States. It is known for its expertise and experience in Swiss and international legal practice. Lawyers at our firm practice in the fields of Swiss tax law, banking & finance law, corporate & commercial law, immigration law, employment law, inheritance & estate planning, public international law, and U.S. tax law.

Lawyers at our Swiss offices are admitted to practice law throughout Switzerland, and they are experts in Swiss taxation, international taxation, and inheritance law.

We provide personalized and effective advice to corporations, financial institutions, hedge funds, private equity firms, local businesses, international organizations, foundations, domestic and foreign individuals, and private clients.

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Swiss Tax Law

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Legal System in Switzerland

Switzerland is built on a federal system, which is similar to the United States. Switzerland has federal laws, cantonal (state) laws, and communal laws. Similarly, Swiss judiciary consists of federal and cantonal courts. The Federal Supreme Court is the highest authority. It rules on appeals from cantonal courts, the Federal Criminal Court, the Federal Administrative Courts, and other local courts.

Swiss and U.S. Law Practice

We are uniquely positioned to assist clients on both Swiss and U.S. law as we maintain offices in both jurisdictions. We maintain strong partnerships with other law firms and accounting firms around the world.

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  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Immigration
  • Employment law
  • Inheritance & Estate Planning

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