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About the U.S. Tax System

The United States has separate levels of federal, state, and local government taxes. Individuals, business entities, estates, trusts, or other organizations are subject to tax. Some taxes levied in the U.S. but not limited to income tax, sales tax, capital gains tax, property tax, withholding tax, estate and gift tax.

U.S. citizens and resident aliens (green card test and substantial presence test) have to file a U.S. income tax returns on their worldwide income. This means even though you do not live and not earn income in the U.S., the United States still tax. Upon filing the individual tax return, a taxpayer can choose to file as Single, Married filing jointly, Married filing separately, Head of household, or Qualifying widow(er). Choosing the filing status is important because, depending on the filing status, a taxpayer or taxpayers can obtain different tax rates, deductions, credits, and exemptions.

Business entities can be classified as C-corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and sole proprietorships. Creation of business structure is mainly regulated under State laws. However, tax issues should be considered along with the business goals before choosing a business structure.

U.S. federal tax law imposes an income tax on U.S. corporations that is separate from their shareholders. Other entities such as domestic partnership, S-corporations, LLCs, and sole proprietorships might have to file an information tax return, but the entity’s income is reported in the individual tax return.

International individuals and business may be required to file U.S. tax returns, informational returns, and pay tax.

U.S. Tax Law Practice Areas

The U.S. tax code, also known as the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) is known to be one of the most complex sets of tax rules in the world. THEVOZ Attorneys offer a variety of U.S. tax law services to businesses and individuals to overcome every tax challenge. We practice in the area of:

Importance of Having a U.S. Tax Attorney

Many tax disputes can be eliminated before they begin with careful tax planning. Our attorneys can look at the proposed structure or current structure of a business and provide tax law advise so the client can plan and expect their tax liabilities.

However, if the IRS issues a notice and the taxpayer decides to dispute, it is better to understand appropriate IRS tax practice and procedures. Tax attorneys understand the proper IRS procedures and can represent clients during the negotiation procedures, Appeals process, and even in front of U.S. courts.

U.S. tax law attorneys at THEVOZ Attorneys can assist private individual and business clients in:

  • Establishing Business in America – Individual and legal entities seeking to start or expand businesses in the U.S. will have to plan according to U.S. tax law along with obtaining necessary registrations, licenses, certifications, and insurances. For example, FATCA seeks foreign entities to be compliant by registering with the IRS, making necessary changes to internal compliance manuals, submitting forms and reports to the IRS. The process of becoming compliant with U.S. tax rules and FATCA can be complex and need to be handled by experienced U.S. tax attorney. Our team at THEVOZ Attorneys have the necessary education and practice background to support clients with their U.S. tax law related issues.
  • Tax Counsel – We provide clients with tax counsel on types of business structures with most advantageous from the U.S. tax perspective. U.S. tax attorneys do have a thorough understanding of current tax laws and able to apply their skills to assist clients.
  • Effective Legal Support – Our attorneys are qualified and experienced in representing clients in front of the IRS, Appeals Office, State tax authorities, and the Courts.

THEVOZ Attorneys provides the highest quality U.S. tax law advise and tax planning. Contact us +1 (512) 696 1467 to learn more about our services and how to resolve your U.S. tax law matters.

U.S. Tax Law Attorneys

Tax attorneys in the U.S. are experienced and trained professionals in the field of tax law. They assist clients in resolving tax matters and plan tax structures with the understanding of consistently changing U.S. tax rules.

Our team of attorneys is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable in both business and individual tax matters. Many attorneys at the firm have Master of Laws (LL.M) and advanced training in tax law.

THEVOZ Attorneys, PLLC

THEVOZ Attorneys is an international law firm consists of attorneys practicing law in the United States and Switzerland. Experienced tax law attorneys provide meaningful guidance and counseling to a variety of clients such as U.S. citizens, U.S. companies, Swiss citizens, Swiss companies, European citizens and companies in regard to U.S. tax issues.

Whether dealing with U.S. or international project, THEVOZ Attorneys law firm offers personalized services tailored specifically to the client’s needs and goals. Our attorneys have strong networks around the world and able to provide wholesome solutions to complex issues.

Let THEVOZ Attorneys provide you with the legal counseling you need. We are innovative, experienced and client-oriented.

Contact us today at +1 (512) 696 1467 to learn more about our U.S. tax law-related services.

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