Federal Tax Controversies

Federal Tax Controversies

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees such as revenue agents, tax auditors, and revenue officers all abide by specific tax laws and administrative procedures laid out in an extensive and complex compendium called the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM). For this reason, anyone dealing with a federal tax controversy needs more than a tax planning attorney to help cover their back.

With years of experience helping taxpayers who are told by the IRS that their taxes are not in compliance and pursue legal action towards those that owe taxes, the tax law attorneys of THEVOZ Attorneys have the specialized background to help taxpayers dispute their tax cases, working to appeal and abate penalties that may arise.

Our Federal tax controversies attorneys can provide both individuals and clients a special kind of advantage in knowledge and support for those that need to dispute a tax controversy. Working with a tax law professional can help you secure a more favorable outcome when dealing with matters involving the IRS.

For the experienced and dedicated legal tax support you deserve, seek out the professional tax law attorneys of THEVOZ Attorneys by calling +1 (512) 696 1467 to assist you with your tax concerns at the federal, international, and cross-border level.

What is Tax Controversy?

Tax controversy is an area of litigation related to tax disputes between the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and taxpayers. Tax law attorneys provide the legal service a taxpayer can benefit from regarding assistance with audits from which tax controversy can often arise.

These professionals can also help taxpayers with negotiating settlements and representing individuals who aim to dispute tax controversy before the U.S. Tax Court or the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Tax disputes can occur with local, state, federal, and even foreign tax authorities. Individuals, businesses, corporations, trusts, and estates may all be subject to tax controversy. The issue can relate to all forms of taxation including income, property, estate, and state sales tax.

The issue of tax controversy can even relate to civil and criminal cases:

Civil Tax Controversy

Civil tax matters may begin with an audit performed by the IRS. It can also occur after a taxpayer claims a tax refund. To resolve a tax controversy at the civil level, a taxpayer can use the assistance of a tax law attorney to contact the IRS, an Appeals Office, or take the dispute to court.A tax law attorney can assist taxpayers in civil tax controversies by offering comprehensive knowledge of the Internal Revenue Manual and the guidelines by which IRS employees follow.These lawyers can assist you in audits and appeals, offer representation in court proceedings, help you deal with revenue agents, and work to resolve civil tax controversies—of which may appear before a Tax Court, District Courts, or Court of Federal Claims.

How THEVOZ Attorneys Can Help

The experienced and trustworthy tax law attorneys of THEVOZ Attorneys have years of experience in handling federal, cross-border, and international tax disputes. Through a collaboration of highly trained and motivated professionals, we can best assist individuals and businesses needing guidance in legal tax matters involving the IRS and other tax authorities by providing:

  • Awareness of the statute of limitations for the assessment of taxes and filings, which is subject to change.
  • Specific knowledge of IRS criteria and employee motives, which gives an advantage in negotiation and making the right move when it comes to settling for tax controversy or proceeding to trial.
  • Comprehension of the rules of evidence and the rules of procedure by specific courts where tax litigation is heard.

Our team offers you support through federal and state examinations, representing taxpayers and resolving tax disputes in their early stages through the discovery phase. In addition, we will work to appeal your dispute through a series of effective and fine-tuned tax litigation tactics which have helped our team reach successful results for years on end.

Through collaboration with local client service teams, we also work to diminish controversy of tax returns before they happen. With proper documentation and evidence of patterns, we harvest a strong and favorable tax position which best eliminates the chance of flagging a tax concern by tax authorities.

Furthermore, there are three strong reasons why selecting a tax law attorney from THEVOZ Attorneys would benefit you by:

  1. Decreasing the Risk of Your Taxes Being Audited – Our attorneys will help guide you towards adhering to tax obligations when you file your tax return to avoid the pursuit of legal action from the IRS.
  2. Avoiding Penalties By Ensuring You Are In Full Compliance – Our tax law attorneys can prepare the Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) and other forms to ensure that you are in full compliance with all legal tax requirements.
  3. Minimizing Errors on Your Tax Return – Taking the proper steps and meeting obligations can best ensure that you file appropriately and pay your fair share of taxes. The penalties for failing to file or making errors can be expensive, so help from an expert tax law attorney will help you save you money.

To avoid any consequences or penalties that can arise from filing, such as the onset of a tax controversy, seek professional tax guidance and support.

THEVOZ Attorneys has the necessary skills and experience to help prevent such disputes from arising. If in the event that a tax controversy does occur, we can work to resolve any legal tax complications that you may face at the civil or even criminal level.


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