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Foreign-based businesses that make U.S. investments can benefit from the abundance of economic opportunities in the country. However, these opportunities also come at a cost, bringing challenges of the complex tax system and high corporate tax rates in the United States which can make business difficult without efficient tax planning.

In order to maximize earnings and reduce penalties by taxation when completing inbound transactions, it would be highly beneficial to seek professional tax law help. The inbound tax planning lawyers of THEVOZ Attorneys have the necessary skills and knowledge to help foreign investors thrive in their U.S. investments.

The professional inbound tax attorneys of THEVOZ Attorneys can help you fully understand tax provisions for U.S. income and U.S. source income. Contact us at +1 (512) 696 1467 to consult with our best inbound tax attorney today.

Enhance Competitiveness Through Legal Tax And Business Guidance

Those investing in the U.S. may be looking to enhance their earnings by joining one of the world’s most competitive markets. When a foreign business does invest in the United States, this can, directly and indirectly, generate U.S. revenue, which is taxable in more ways than one.

Inbound transactions such as investments, trade, or business that are made by foreign-persons in the U.S. can be subject to U.S. Federal and foreign taxation. It can be difficult to accommodate to taxation by the states and bilateral tax treaties.

The inbound tax lawyers of THEVOZ Attorneys can be of great assistance in a myriad of ways related to inbound tax and business structuring. This includes providing assistance to foreign investors in applying foreign tax credits to alleviate fees, withholding tax, arranging employment, guidance on tax treaties, and compensation plans.

Through effective legal counsel on tax planning and business management, foreign persons can maximize their competitiveness in the U.S. market.

Our well-versed tax attorney experts can assist foreign investors in the following inbound tax planning services:

  • Counsel on federal and foreign tax law
  • Accommodate for bilateral taxation
  • Deal with tax treaties
  • Cross-border withholding
  • Business structuring

Regarding Inbound Tax Advice

Inbound Tax Services For Foreign-Owned U.S. Companies

There is a tremendous opportunity for excelling and maximizing business potential for a foreign-business looking to invest in the world’s largest economy. In order to capitalize on the potential investments of the U.S. market, one must plan for business according to the intricate taxation governed by the foreign countries they do business with.

Inbound taxation of foreign investments in the United States can occur at the state, federal, and foreign levels. Navigating this complex tax structure can make or break the success of your U.S. economic ventures.

In order to ensure that your business will not only stay afloat but thrive, one must take appropriate measures into consideration over the structuring of their business and planning for the U.S. system on foreign taxation.

The following are tax and business considerations that foreign businesses establishing U.S. entities must be aware of:

  • What tax treatment will the entity comply with?
  • How will your entity raise and structure capital?
  • Will your entity reach the level of a permanent establishment?
  • Which methods will be taken for the formation of the entity?
  • How will you establish an effective administration for the entity?
  • Are there necessary policies in place to address your employee’s tax needs?
  • Which form of entity would be most advantageous for your business?
  • Will there be existing state and local tax obligations? In which jurisdictions will these arise?
  • Is there a need for transfer pricing to avoid penalties?
  • Do you understand the duties of compliance and reporting tax obligations?
  • What exit strategies are in place?

These are the basic considerations that foreign investors planning to form a U.S. entity must consider. The inbound tax attorneys of THEVOZ Attorneys have helped foreign companies from all around the globe anticipate business and tax obligations which can impact their investments.

Services THEVOZ Attorneys Offers

Foreign persons and businesses develop financial interactions within the U.S. seeking the available economic opportunities in the U.S. market, gaining access to U.S. capital and financing, and working with U.S. strategic partners.

Whatever operations you take part in, THEVOZ Attorneys inbound tax attorneys assist foreign parties in successfully aligning legal business and tax planning to optimize earnings and reduce penalties in U.S. investments.

Foreign businesses seeking to enter the largest market in the world may have many questions regarding inbound tax requirements involved in establishing their company in the United States.

Our attorneys have worked with foreign clients to successfully establish their U.S. entities in the following manners:

  • Creating an efficient and comprehensive approach to global business and tax planning
  • Informing foreign clients of the duties and obligations needed to comply with U.S. tax law
  • Developing solutions for any adverse tax complications that may arise
  • Helping clients increase finance-saving opportunities
  • Minimizing potential penalties or reduce the risk of double-taxation

If you seek to establish a strong footing in the U.S. global market, our inbound tax attorneys are here to guide you through every step of the way. The tax obligations set in place in the United States are complex and can result in penalties if approached incorrectly.

To be compliant in filing the appropriate tax forms, establishing your business with a supportive structure, and taking the necessary steps to maximize earnings, foreign benefits can seriously benefit from inbound tax planning services.

The inbound tax attorneys of THEVOZ Attorneys have years of foreign business planning experience necessary to help make your U.S. investments a success. Our team offers expansive knowledge on U.S. and bilateral tax requirements to help you effectively manage tax compliance obligations.

Our inbound tax attorneys know the intricate methods the IRS employs to ensure that all entities, foreign or domestic, are adhering to tax law. Don’t get caught up in a discrepancy. Hire the inbound tax attorneys of THEVOZ Attorneys today.

For more information regarding tax provisions for U.S. income and U.S. source income, seek assistance from the professional inbound tax attorneys of THEVOZ Attorneys. Contact us at +1 (512) 696 1467 to get started on your tax plan today.

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