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U.S. companies and individuals that generate foreign income by conducting offshore trade or business should seek advice on navigating applicable U.S. and foreign tax laws. One means by which individuals and legal entities can protect their financial well-being is by utilizing the services of experienced tax attorneys who can provide outbound tax advice.

Outbound tax advice attorneys can provide you with the necessary guidance needed to navigate the complex world of both American and foreign tax laws as well as their implications. For instance, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 reformed taxation on foreign sourced income. Under this reform, the corporate income tax rate has been reduced to 21% and foreign-sourced dividends from U.S. corporations has been provided a 100% exemption.

The Act has also introduced stricter and much more complex rules, along with accompanying harsh penalties, which are aimed at preventing U.S. companies from shifting their income into low-tax jurisdictions in other countries.

New tax implications which U.S. companies and individuals with foreign income should be aware of include the recent Global Intangible Low Tax Income (GILTI) and the Base Erosion and Anti-Abuse Tax (BEAT). These new tax laws have major implications that can have adverse effects on tax and financial planning if not adequately taken into consideration.

Additionally, the new Foreign Derived Intangible Income (FDII) can bring about favorable tax treatment to U.S. companies and individuals with sources of outbound foreign income.

In order to adequately manage and predict the tax implications of foreign activities which U.S. persons and business engage in, it is vital to seek out the appropriate methods of outbound tax planning. Operating in offshore expansion but failing to abide by the legal tax obligations or not taking advantage of methods for proper tax predictions and planning can result in heavy tax implications.

When U.S. companies and individuals seek the expert outbound tax advice and compliance services of THEVOZ Attorneys, they are securing the unmatched skill and experience of international tax attorneys who are able to provide U.S. and international companies and individuals valuable legal support.

Our tax law attorneys are able to provide a wide range of services including but not limited to:

  • Outbound tax planning and advice
  • Guidance in navigating new tax laws and standards including GILTI, FDII, and BEAT
  • Guidance in understanding international tax treaties and how they can affect your business’s or personal finances
  • Minimize your U.S. and foreign tax obligations

THEVOZ Attorneys offers a one-stop, comprehensive approach to all of your foreign investment tax and business structuring needs. We are ready to provide you with the outbound tax advice you need to remain successful and financially strong.

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About Outbound Tax Advice

U.S. based multinational corporations (MNCs) can face a variety of issues related to tax jurisdictions as they expand their business internationally. The opportunity of taking your business globally can be rewarding, but failing to understand the existing U.S. and foreign tax landscapes can result in heavy tax implications.

Cross-border activities are categorized in various ways, two of which include the classification of transactions as “inbound” or “outbound.” Outbound activities occur when U.S. corporations and individuals accumulate foreign income through non-U.S. activities. Many U.S. headquartered companies have income and/or activities occurring in foreign countries all throughout the globe.

Outbound tax planning can help U.S. companies and individuals with foreign earnings to understand how foreign taxes, laws and other legal implications apply to their business. Understanding how to navigate both U.S. and foreign tax laws, as well as structuring your business in a way that ensures compliance, can help increase profitability and minimize tax and legal liability.

U.S. persons and businesses that choose to expand or develop on a global scale can encounter a number of issues relating to taxation, given the evolving global taxation landscape. Corporations have had to make certain accommodations to their businesses and tax planning to comply with these recent international tax reforms.

Fortunately, our experienced and skillful outbound planning strategists have years of international experience providing clients – both private individuals and businesses alike – with the necessary insight to successfully structure their tax plans and financial strategies.

Our effective outbound tax planning services take into account the following:

  • Minimizing the impact of new tax laws and implications such as the GILTI and BEAT
  • Utilizing laws and structures such as the FDII to increase deductions and minimize tax liability
  • Working to minimize the effect of Subpart F and passive foreign investment rules
  • Applying foreign tax credits to minimize costs
  • Utilizing outbound mergers of domestic entities into those that are non-U.S.
  • Handling IP transfers, licensing and other tax issues
  • Assisting in transfer pricing
  • Taking into account treaty analysis pertaining to countries where operations occur

For any questions or concerns related to the business and tax obligations and duties that one must comply with as a U.S. corporation or individual doing business in a foreign country, utilize our outbound tax planning services to find the right solution.

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THEVOZ Attorneys Outbound Tax Advice Services

The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys of THEVOZ Attorneys work to assist U.S. persons and businesses that have foreign investments and income to develop integrated international business structuring.

Through extensive knowledge of outbound tax planning, and an individualized approach to each client’s specific business goals and needs, our team guarantees effective outbound tax planning that can help clients expand their business with confidence.

When you choose to secure the outbound tax planning services of THEVOZ Attorneys, our international tax law attorneys will offer legal guidance that is efficient, innovative and accommodating to ever-changing global business regulations.

If you wish to expand your corporation internationally in an efficient manner, you should seek the assistance of the attorneys that have extensive knowledge of international tax rules and regulations. You should seek the assistance of THEVOZ Attorneys.

The Thevoz outbound tax planning attorneys offer U.S. based multinational corporations in developing effective tax planning strategies including:

  • Earnings and profit analysis
  • Expatriate taxation
  • Disposition and acquisition
  • Double tax treaty planning
  • Foreign tax credits and currency transactions
  • IP and supply chain
  • Joint ventures
  • Tax deferral
  • Tax planning and business structuring

Expand your corporation or personal finances with confidence.

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